This beautiful baby girl was born on December 12, 2017 after a rough pregnancy and several false labors. Labor started gently (or maybe Shawna just handled it like a pro) but quickly progressed. When she finally got the epidural, Shawna started to crown almost instantly (it’s safe to say nothing kicked in on time!)

Baby girl came swiftly, and was perfectly healthy! She was 7.15lbs and 21.5″ long – Although, she still didn’t have a name! What do you name that bundle of cuteness? She was nicknamed Globke girl #3 for the time being.


She is so loved! The looks on mommy and daddy’s faces are priceless!

Mama finally decided on a name! She swears, she asked this precious girl if she wanted to be named Brynlee and she smiled! Brynlee Nicole Globke, say hello to the world!