Well hello there, I'm Erin, owner of Gamble's Photography here in Springfield, Missouri. I could tell you all about how I got started, my credentials, and my achievements (you can find all of that on the Home Page), but I figured we'd talk about something a little more random. Yes, my business is a HUGE part of my life, but hey, maybe you want to know more about the girl behind the lens.

When I'm not shooting or working on my laptop, I'm hanging out with my little family. My boys are Bryar & Bowyn - you'll see pictures of them everywhere 🙂 - They are the lights of my life and they drive me to work harder and smarter everyday.

Other than my little family, my hobbies include my bucket list. I'm an adventurer at heart~ so far I've been surfing, hiked a mountain, visited Australia, and became scuba certified. Still on the list is sky diving, backpacking Europe, and attending a masquerade ball. I told you, random.... Hopefully you feel like you know me a little more, and you've checked out my work, and you feel my passion. Well, what are you waiting for? Give me a call! Whether it's for a shoot, or just to get coffee- drop me a line!


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