Every year my family gets portraits taken by a different photographer, this year was the wonderful Becci with Clear Creative Photography. Not only did she drive miles away to come to our rent farm, she’s only a few weeks away from giving birth to her first… Dedicated! I love how they turned out!!

Now for the reason for the blog- Tips and tricks about getting your family session taken:

Choosing Outfits:

First off, I decided on the type of style/season I wanted… fall. Warm and cozy colors, sweaters, boots = My Jam! Lets face it, I’m the hardest one to dress so I chose my outfit first – A beautiful burgundy dress with some texture to it. Next was Eli’s shirt, that matched the color in my dress and introduced a new color to the palette, navy blue. His shirt also added pattern to the pictures. The boys were easy – Bryar’s under shirt had both the burgundy and blue within it, and I paired it with a sweater to make it more ‘fallish’. With Bo I put him into some colored skinny jeans (I have a thing about mixing up bottoms, not everyone should be in denim jeans) and paired it with a denim shirt. Lastly, we’re all tied in together with boots!

The takeaway:

  • Decide on a style and color patette
  • Introduce texture, pattern, and variation (not everyone in pants, or jeans – mixing in different colored bottoms or dresses)
  • Dress the pickiest person first – usually that’s mama!
  • Dress children last because it’s usually easiest to find their clothing.

Prepping for the Shoot:

First comes knowing what you want: location, style, photographer, mood, etc. I had chosen Becci because she’s a good friend of mine, we’ve never shot together before (I use a different photographer every year), and I love her style and it’s similar to mine. I always encourage families to chose a location special to them – aka our rent farm. Not only does this location have history with us, it matches my style and vision for the shoot.

Leading up to the shoot I worked with Becci to chose a day, and gave her all the information she needed for the session. I went shopping several days before hand and made everyone try on their clothes (that way if something didn’t fit I had a chance to grab something else) and I checked the weather obsessively.

The day of the shoot I told day care to keep the boys semi clean (no painting please!), brought them home early to clean them up and I changed them into their clothes at the last possible minute. I also made sure they had big naps that day and were well fed before the shoot began (thus not changing into their clothes until after!) When you’re working with little babies, always bring another set of clothes for everyone in case of a blowout or up chuck…

Bribery, bribery, bribery. ‘We will swing you if you smile for this picture.’ ‘Want to jump after we get this shot?’ ‘I have chocolate in the car for little boys that use their listening ears.’ Parenting at it’s finest, I know.


Dealing with a Less Than Enthusiastic Significant Other:

I loooooooove taking pictures. Eli can stomach it once a year at best. To help ease the pain I had him help choose the location (he loves that rent farm). I also got him involved in choosing his outfit (I sent pictures of shirts for him to decided between). When it came to the actual day, we did family photos first and close to the end of the shoot I let him leave. He was in more than half the photos, and after he left we got pictures of just the boys and I got some cuddle time with my little monsters on camera!

Choosing Photos:

Becci’s packages including choosing the photos you wanted – Our package allowed for 10 digital images. How do you choose??? Well, I got the best ‘traditional’ shot (everyone looking and smiling), a photo of each of the boys by themselves, a couple with them together, and the rest were the ones that create emotion! I’m a candid photo person so when it comes to jumping in the creek, or cuddling on a quilt that’s what is going to make me happy! In fact, that swinging picture is the one we’ll be blowing up and hanging on the wall!

I hope you can take my experience of being in front and behind the camera and apply them to your own family portraits! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call! OR if you’d like to book a session with me definitely give me a call! Cheers!